Richard Shaver

Richard Sharpe Shaver (b. 1907 Berwick, Pennsylvania, d. 1975 Summit, Arkansas) With Richard Shaver revealed/created the . This mythology described the and Tero at war with each other beneath the surface of the Earth. His accounts published in Amazing Stories formed the basis of the modern UFO mythology. According to Shaver, humans were constantly suffering […]



final states… relationship to code and erasure… from What Aristotle Didn’t Know About Sex and Death by Ronald de Sousa: (T)he one type of cell that does appear capable to reproduce itself forever, apart from sex cells and unicellular organisms, are cancer cells. Cancer cells, we might say, go on reproducing for their own sake, […]



aka: MK-ULTRA, Project MKULTRA CIA mind control program of the 50’s and 60’s. One of its most spectacular aspects (as revealed in Congressional testimony) were the lurid Federally-funded brothel/laboratories in San Francisco and New York. CIA-backed prostitutes would lure random men from bars and surreptitiously dose them with LSD, all under the watchful eye of […]


Aura Rhanes

The totally hot alien starship Capitan encountered by Truman Bethurum. Aura Rhanes came from the planet Clarion, which from the earth, always remains out of sight behind our moon. The Clarionites were smaller than humans, lived for 1000 years, and were all good Christians who attended church every Sunday. References http://www.geocities.com/Area51/shadowlands/6583/et051.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truman-Bethurum


Antonio Villas-Boas

A Brazilian farmer who had one of the most infamous and controversial alien contactee experiences. At about 11pm on October 5, 1957, Antonio and his brother were going to bed and saw a light like the beam of a searchlight in their horse coral which swept over their roof before disappearing. On October 14 at […]