Richard Sharpe Shaver

(b. 1907 Berwick, Pennsylvania, d. 1975 Summit, Arkansas)

With Richard Shaver revealed/created the . This mythology described the and Tero at war with each other beneath the surface of the Earth. His accounts published in Amazing Stories formed the basis of the modern UFO mythology.

According to Shaver, humans were constantly suffering the dastardly evilness of the Dero who used the advanced technology of their decayed and decadent race for hideous sexual torture and mundane acts of petty prankery. The Tero tried as best they could to fight back, but they were of the same decrepit race and were also far outnumbered by evil perverts.

Shaver first became aware of this ongoing battle through his welding machine in an auto plant, which somehow intercepted the Dero pervert transmissions. (Or he herad the Dero talking to him while he was institutionalized — no one is completely sure.)

Shaver’s insights were flamboyantly documented in Palmer’s Amazing Stories starting in 1946, pre-dating the first offical flying saucer sightings. The entire Shaver mythos was very influential on subsequent techno-paranoid mythologies such as UFO conspiracy subculture and Scientology

In later years, Shaver made rock paintings”consisting of slices of rock, which he said revealed the patterns left by the dero. He also made paintings of the things he witnessed using a mixture of detergent and pigment on cardboard. His artwork has become increasingly valuable in recent years, gaining fame as outsider art



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