MKULTRA Happy Mindfuck Clown

aka: MK-ULTRA, Project MKULTRA

CIA mind control program of the 50’s and 60’s.

One of its most spectacular aspects (as revealed in Congressional testimony) were the lurid Federally-funded brothel/laboratories in San Francisco and New York. CIA-backed prostitutes would lure random men from bars and surreptitiously dose them with LSD, all under the watchful eye of spies hidden behind two-way mirrors. These random individuals were then tested”in various ways to see if LSD could be used in combination with sex and confusion techniques to make people spill their guts. The subjects of these experiments were then sent on their way without any follow-up.

This was only one of a wide array of mid control experiments which has been under way for several decades by the time they became public in the early 70’s. Congress told the CIA to stop doing such things, and the CIA replied that they were real sorry and that MKULTRA was long gone. It’s widely assumed that the American Intelligence community simply changed the names of their mind control projects and moved on to far more sophisticated research.