A Brazilian farmer who had one of the most infamous and controversial alien contactee experiences.

At about 11pm on October 5, 1957, Antonio and his brother were going to bed and saw a light like the beam of a searchlight in their horse coral which swept over their roof before disappearing. On October 14 at about 10pm, Antonio was plowing with his tractor when he saw a bright light in the field. Antonio went towards the light while his brother watched, and the light would move away every time he tried to catch up to it, vanishing when Antonio finally gave up chasing it. The next night at about 1am, Antonio was in the same place in the field, alone. He saw something like a red star which approached and turned out to be a bright egg-like object which landed near him. Antonio tried to drive away, but his tractor engine died. He tried to get away, but four men came from the craft and carried him inside the craft.

The men from the craft communicated in growls. They stripped off Antonio’s clothes, gave him a sort of sponge bath, and led him into a room. After what seemed like a long time, a short broad-faced woman entered the room, totally naked. She had blonde hair and blue eyes, very thin lips, and a pointed chin. They had sex twice, and because she also communicated only in growls, Antonio said it seemed almost like having sex with an animal. After the second time, a man came into the room and as he and the woman were about to leave, the woman pointed at her belly, smiled, pointed at the sky, and then followed the man out.

The men came back with his clothes. Antonio got dressed and went into a room with them where they growled to each other. He noticed a clock-like box which he tried to steal as evidence of his experience, but was angrily stopped by one of the men. He was then given a detailed tour of the craft, before being guided outside. He watched them prepare and fly away, the craft disappearing in a matter of seconds. The time was 5:30am.

Antonio gave this account in response to a newspaper ad requesting UFO accounts, but only gave the more intimate details at the insistence of researchers. He was examined at the National School of medicine in Rio de Janeiro and found to be sane and to sincerely believe his account. He suffered from sleeplessness for about a month after the incident.

(Magonia, 114-116)