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Site R

Alternate Joint Communications Center at Raven Rock aka: Harry’s Hole, The Underground Pentagon Site R is believed to be the ‘undisclosed location’ of Vice-President Dick Cheney. Home to one of the two locations of the so-called shadow government — where, since Sept. 11, senior government officials have been taking turns living underground, waiting to run […]

Richard Shaver

Richard Sharpe Shaver (b. 1907 Berwick, Pennsylvania, d. 1975 Summit, Arkansas) With Richard Shaver revealed/created the . This mythology described the and Tero at war with each other beneath the surface of the Earth. His accounts published in Amazing Stories formed the basis of the modern UFO mythology. According to Shaver, humans were constantly suffering […]

Dulce Base

[ WARNING: Information in this post has been Damaged ] Dulce Base is the name for a secret underground facility in or near Dulce, New Mexico where alien hybrids drink the blood of babies and they never ever take out the trash. Many details of the lore surrounding the Dulce base [ERROR] ”vast underground bases […]


from wikipedia: reptilian humanoid Modern claims Disinformation agent David Icke and others have claimed that U.S. President George W. Bush and his family are shapeshifting Reptilian aliens. John Rhodes established the Reptoids.com Research Center in 1997 to collect, review and present evidence of reptoid activity. Rhodes contends that reptoids are descendants of the dinosaurs and […]

John Allen Lear

Son of William P. Lear, holder of seventeen world speed records. He claims to have been a pilot for secret government agencies, especially the CIA. Lear is a strong advocate of the theory that live aliens are living in secret underground bases beneath Nellis Air Force Baseand Dulce, New Mexico. He was influential upon Linda […]