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James E Lipp

Working for the Rand Corporation, James Lipp wrote one of two scientific overviews for the final report on Project Sign (later called Project Grudge and Project Blue Book), which was completed in February 1949 and classified Secret. “This may have been the first U.S. government sponsored study of non-human life in the universe,” writes skeptic […]

Wernher von Braun

Nazi rocket scientist. Correspondent of Jack Parsons Invented the V1 and V2 rockets which were used against London during World War II. The V2 was the world’s first ballistic missle. After the war, he was brought to America to work on the space program. Instrumental in developing the Saturn V booster rocket that would eventually […]

Project Grudge

An early Air Force project investigating UFOs. Declassified on July 23, 1997, Project Grudge was originally released in August of 1949 as a SECRET Technical Report (NO 102-AC 49/15-100) by the headquarters of the Air Materiel Command, Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton Ohio. Approved by Lt. Col. Hemstreet and Col. Watson, it is 406 pages long […]

National Security Agency

Founded November 4, 1952. Budget-wise, the NSA is the largest single American government agency, though the exact budget itself is classified. NSA security awareness poster: Links wiki: National_Security_Agency wiki: NSA_warrantless_surveillance_controversy EFF: How the NSA’s Domestic Spying Program Works NSA Security Awareness Posters NSA: Print and Construct Your Own Cipher Disk

The Robertson Panel

The CIA’s first official interest in UFO’s, a change of attitute provoked in part by the Robertson Report. Members of the Panel were: Dr. H.P. Robertson, head of the Panel Dr. Samuel A Goudsmit Dr. Lloyd V Berkner Dr. Luis Alvarez Dr. Thorton L Page Associate members: Dr. J Allen Hynek Frederick C Durant III, […]

John Bevan

Lieutenant-Colonel John Bevan, a stockbroker who became head of the London Controlling Section. Dennis Wheatley described Bevan as “a rather frail-looking man of medium build with sleepy pale blue eyes and thin fair hair which turned gray from the strain of the remarkable work he accomplished”. wiki: Upon his arrival the LCS was struggling to […]

London Controlling Section

Part of a disinformation group set up during World War II, code-named the “Martians”. The LCS was set up in Churchill’s personal headquarters and was skilled in “Special Means” weaponry. The chief of the LCS was Colonel John Bevan, who had the title “Controller of Deception.” Other members included Wing Commander Dennis Wheatley of the […]

Dr. H P Robertson

Physicist at CalTech. Head of the CIA/USAF Robertson Panel. In 1943, Dr. H P Robertson was asked to investigate if the German flying bomb was a hoax, and quickly determined it to be a real threat. (Peebles, 99)

Daniel W Fry

One of the first modern contactees. Author of The White Sands Incident. On July 4, 1950, Fry was working at the White Sands Proving Ground in New Mexico as an employee of the AeroJet Corperation. In the evening he took a walk into the desert, and at one point though he saw the stars disappearing. […]

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

Near Dayton, Ohio. Site of the Air Force Technical Intelligence Division. The base of Project Blue Book. Allegedly the place where the humanoid alien bodies from the Roswell UFO crash were taken. The location of UFO wreckage itself was allegedly brought and kept under guard for years. Links http://www.wpafb.af.mil/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wright-Patterson-Air-Force-Base

West Virginia Ordnance Works

aka: WVOV, Point Pleasant Depot associated with the Mothman incidents from pointpleasantwv.org: During the years of operation of WVOW, Point Pleasant was a boom-town. Chemists, scientists, engineers, electricians, plumbers, masons, heavy construction crews, and laborers representing nearly every building trade were required for the rapid buildup. Workers from all over the country converged on this […]

Propaganda Due

Italian Masonic Vatican fascist masonic conspiracy, involved in a plot to overthrow the Italian government. It’s kind of complicated… Some people involved: Licio Gelli (” the puppetmaster”) Venerable Master of Propaganda Due Michele Sindona – Pope Paul VI’s banker and confident. Banker for the Mafia Roberto Calvi (“God’s Banker”) – found hanging from Blackfriars Bridge […]

Robert Cutler

Eisenhower’s Special Assistant for National Security. The first person appointed to the newly created position of National Security Advisor Robert Cutler allegedly wrote an unsigned memo to General Nathan Twining on July 14, 1954 regarding the scheduling of a July 16 “MJ-12 SSP” presidential briefing. This memo — the only corroborating document of the existence […]

Project Twinkle

An Air Force project set up in the summer of 1949 to attempt to photograph and track the mysterious green fireballs seen around military compounds in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area. Dr. Edward Teller, who was then working on the hydrogen bomb, was one of the witnesses to these fireballs. (Peebles, 32-33) Links project1947: Project […]

Project Sign

Project Sign personnel in the T-2 Conference Room at Wright-Patterson AFB (1948). Personnel from the left around the table: Lt. Col. Malcolm Seashore, chief of the Material Command Intelligence Technical Analysis (MCIAT) Unidentifiable person blocked by Seashore Lt. Col. J.J. Hausman Col. Howard McCoy, director of Air Material Command T-2 Intelligence Division Believed to be […]