donald menzel

Donald Howard Menzel
(April 11, 1901 — December 14, 1976)

Astronomer. President of the American Astronomical Society (1954-56)

Renowned, though incompetent, UFO debunker. In his three anti-UFO books, he argued that all unidentified objects were simply misidentified natural phenomena.

A consultant for the National Security Agency

Listed as a member in the disinformation performance art troop, Majestic 12 as their alleged astronomy expert and disinformation propagandist.

On 12 May 1949, Menzel witnessed a UFO outside Holloman Air Force Base. His original account remained classified until the 1970s. He would later claim that what he saw was a reflection of the moon.

Menzel claimed he had another UFO signing on 3 March 1955 from the North Pole on the daily Air Force Weather “Ptarmigan” flight. He would later claim it was a misidentification of Sirius.