Paul Bennewitz

According to Jacques Vallee, Paul Bennewitz was “a respected physicist who managed a small electronics company close to Kirtland Air Force Base. Hypnotized by Dr. Leo Sprinkle, Bennewitz began relating increasingly extreme experiences of abductees and aliens. His “memories” included seeing body parts floating in vats of amniotic fluid in secret laboratories beneath , Dulce, New Mexico.

Bill Moore claimed that these hypnotic visions were actually implanted as part of a government disinformation campaign. He suggested that Bennewitz had stumbled onto secret Air Force frequencies, and — believing them to be related to UFO’s — could not be dissuaded by Air Force security to ignore them. So the Air Force decided the best way to deal with Bennewitz’ curiosity was to drive him crazy with false memories of outlandish UFO experiences.

Bil Moore claimed that he knew this because he was himself part of a disinformation campaign — a revelation he made at the infamous 1989 MUFON conference, in which he also claimed to have been working for the Aviary.

(Revelations, 78-79)