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Frank Sturgis

Frank Anthony Sturgis born Frank Angelo Fiorin December 9, 1924 – December 4, 1993 manager of Tophat Nightclub in Virginia Beach mercenary in Castro’s army anti-Castro gunrunner convicted Watergate burglar In the 50’s, he “spent time” in Mexico, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, and Honduras. And had nothing to do with the revolutions and political […]

Barry Seal

Adler Berriman “Barry” Seal July 16, 1939–February 19, 1986 Son of a Baton Rouge candy wholesaler. He died with vice-president George H W Bush’s personal phone number in his possessions. Why would anyone want to kill such as nice young man? References nndb: Barry Seal wiki: Barry Seal namebase: Barry Seal Sparticus Educational: Barry Seal

Operation 40

Special operation charged with assasinating Fidel Castro. Decided to kill a bunch of other people instead. His name was Rico, he wore a diamond He was escorted to his chair, he saw Lola dancin’ there And when she finished, he called her over But Rico went a bit too far, Tony sailed across the bar […]

Porter Goss

“I kill for the muthafuckin’ CIA, bitches!” — Porter Goss As a young assassin, Goss didn’t give a fuck. If a fellow Yalie tells you to kill a muthafucka, then that muthafucka gets got, ya heard? Later, in his high-ranking role on the House Intelligence committee, Goss addressed the outing of a clandestine CIA agent […]