Frank Anthony Sturgis
born Frank Angelo Fiorin
December 9, 1924 – December 4, 1993

manager of Tophat Nightclub in Virginia Beach
mercenary in Castro’s army
anti-Castro gunrunner
convicted Watergate burglar

In the 50’s, he “spent time” in Mexico, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, and Honduras. And had nothing to do with the revolutions and political assassinations. Nothing whatsoever.

On September 23, 1952, Frank Fiorini filed a petition in the Circuit Court of the City of Norfolk, Virginia, to change his name to Frank Anthony Sturgis, adopting the surname of his stepfather Ralph Sturgis, whom his mother had married in 1937. Whether coincidence or not, his new name resembled that of Hank Sturgis, the fictional hero of E. Howard Hunt’s 1949 novel, Bimini Run, whose life parallels Frank Sturgis’ life from 1942 to 1949.

Probably just a coincidence.