Special operation charged with assasinating Fidel Castro. Decided to kill a bunch of other people instead.

His name was Rico, he wore a diamond
He was escorted to his chair, he saw Lola dancin’ there
And when she finished, he called her over
But Rico went a bit too far, Tony sailed across the bar
And then the punches flew and chairs were smashed in two
There was blood and a single gun shot
But just who shot who?

  • William King Harvey
  • Thomas G. Clines
  • Porter Goss
  • Gerry Patrick Hemming
  • David Sanchez Morales
  • Carl Elmer Jenkins
  • Bernard Barker
  • William Robert “Tosh” Plumlee
  • William C. Bishop
  • Ted Shackley – CIA station-chief in Miami after the Bay of Pigs invasion
  • Jose Sanjenis Perdomo – former Chief of Police during Cuban President Carlos Prio’s regime.
  • Frank Sturgis
  • Felix Rodriguez
  • Antonio Veciana
  • Luis Posada Carriles
  • Orlando Bosch
  • Rafael ‘Chi Chi’ Quintero
  • Roland Masferrer
  • Eladio del Valle
  • Guillermo Novo
  • Carlos Bringuier
  • Eugenio Martinez (‘Musculito’)
  • Antonio Cuesta
  • Hermino Diaz Garcia
  • Juan Manuel Salvat
  • Ricardo Morales Navarrete
  • Isidro Borjas
  • Virgilio Paz Romero
  • Jose Dionisio Suarez
  • Felipe Rivero
  • Gaspar ‘Gasparito’ Jimenez Escobedo
  • Nazario Sargent
  • Pedro Luis Diaz Lanz
  • Jose Basulto
  • Alvin Ross
  • William “Rip” Robertson
  • Ricardo Morales Navarrete
  • Juan Manuel Salvat
  • Felix Rodriguez Mendigutia
  • Bernard Barker
  • Paulino Sierra
  • Barry Seal