Robert Scott Lazar

aka: Dennis (the name of John Lear’s insider informant)

Lazar attended high school in Long Island. His parents moved to the San Fernando Valley in the mid-70s, and he may have attended Los Angeles Pierce College and Cal State Northridge. Details of his degrees from a correspondence school (physics and electronics, with a thesis on magnetohydrodynamics) are a little fuzzy. His degree’s from MIT and CalTech are pure fuzz.

According to the June 27, 1982 Los Alamos Monitor, Lazar built a jet-powered Honda Civic. This achievement was followed by bankruptcy, and the somewhat suspicious suicide of his wife (carbon monoxide poisoning).

In the late 80s, Bob Lazar claimed to have not only seen but physically touched alien spacecraft in hangers at Area S-4, near Area 51 (Nellis AFB) in Nevada while he was involved in reverse engineering of UFOs. Lazar even claimed to have had some “element 115” UFO propulsion fuel stashed in his home in empty film canisters.

Lazar claimed he got this sweet UFO job when approached through Naval Intelligence, but he also admits that his memory may have been tampered with.

After his brief meteoric arc of alien-based fame, Lazar was convicted of pandering in 1990.

According to Daily Variety of June 11, 1993, a film version of Lazar’s life was optioned by New Line, after Lazar considered competing offers from producer Steve Tisch, Simpson-Bruckheimer Prods. and actor Steven Seagal. Sadly, the 1994 release date of the option passed without a Bob Lazar blockbuster biopic.