A harbor patrolman (or perhaps lumber scavenger) who witnessed/created the Maury Island Incident of July 21, 1947. Dahl claimed that while on his boat near Maury Island in Washington state, his son was injured and his dog was killed by a slag-squirting UFO. He was told by a man dressed all in black not to tell what he saw. However he reported all this to

Fred Crisman (who ends up connected to the Kennedy Assasination.)

Harold Dahl was at the center of one of the first modern UFO accounts — allegedly occuring three days before Kenneth Arnold saw his nine skipping discs. If it was a hoax, the injuries to his son and the sacrifice of his dog constitute a disturbing blood ritual which mid-wifed the unholy birth of postmodern epistemology. As for the two air force officers who died in a plane crash returning to base with a box of “ufo slag” Fred Crisman gave them….

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