William Milton Cooper

aka: Will Cooper, Milton Cooper


Author of Behold a Pale Horse (1991), a popular superconspiracy.

He claimed to have all the inside info on the government UFO cover-up including the four types of aliens, the American treaty of 1964, and the secret base on the dark”side of the moon. In later years, Cooper recanted his UFO-oriented beliefs, asserting that they were in fact part of the Illuminati plot to subjugate the United States.

Cooper was influential upon the theories of John Lear.

From Saucer Smear, June 5 1995:

In our last issue we had a short item about William Cooper, a former ufologist who now hosts a pro-Militia right-wing radio program on the World wide Christian Radio Network. Recently we phoned him, to get his opinion on the Oklahoma City bombing. Predictably, he said it was intended to “demonize patriotism” and was probably perpetrated by someone in the Government itself. Cooper edits an irregularly-published newspaper called “Veritas” (“Truth” in Latin). The paper is available from P.O. Box 3390, St. Johns, Arizona 85936. Cooper told us on the phone, “I’m so fed up that I’d like to leave this planet and go to Planet X with a real live alien, and open up a bar there!”

William Cooper was shot to death by the Apache County Sheriff’s Department during a raid on his Arizona home on November 5, 2001.


According to one of Cooper’s postings on the Internet was at one time:

1311 S.Highland #205
Fullerton, CA, 92632

At one time, the address of Philip K Dick was:

3028 Quartz Lane Apt. #2
Fullerton, CA, 92361