UFO performance art disinformation campaign. Credited to William Moore

Alleged members:

  • BLUE JAY: Dr. Christopher “Kit” Green, MD, Ph.D; Chief, Biomedical Sciences Department, General Motors, former head of the CIA’s UFO files at the Weird Desk.
  • PELICAN: Ron Pandolfi, CIA Deputy Director for the Division of Science and Technology and current custodian of UFO files at the Weird Desk”
  • SEA GULL: Bruce Maccabee, Ph.D., research scientist in optical physics and laser weapons applications at the U.S. Naval Surface Weapons Lab, Maryland; MUFON physics/photo-interpretive consultant
  • OWL: Hal Puthoff, physicist with the Institute for Advanced Research in Austin, Texas, who specializes in Zero-Point Energy.
  • PENGUIN: John Alexander, Ph.D. in Death Sciences; Lt. Col. U.S. Army Intelligence, director of the Non-Lethal Weapons Department, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Neuro-Lingustic Programing trainer
  • CHICKADEE: Cmdr. C.B. Scott Jones, Ph.D., USN (Ret.), OSI, DIA, DARPA. former aide to Sen. Clairborne Pell.
  • PARROT(?): vallee jacques , Ph.D., astrophysicist prolific UFO author, venture capitalist
  • CHICKEN LITTLE: Dan Smith, civilian UFO research/volunteer
  • CONDOR: Capt. Bob Collins, USAF (Ret.); Special Agent, Air Force Office of Special Investigations
  • BUZZARD(?): Gordon Novell, reportedly reportedly involved in free energy schemes
  • FALCON; Sgt. Richard Doty , USAF (Ret.); Special Agent, Air Force Office of Special Investigations
  • HARRIER(?): Dale Graff, UFO-related technology specialist
  • NIGHTINGALE(?): Jack Verona, shadowy liaison
  • HAWK: Ernie Kellerstrauss, reportedly lived with an extraterrestrial for a while
  • WOODPECKER(?): majestic-12 conspiracy industry.


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