aka: Carl M. Allen, Carl Meredith Allen, Carlos Miguel Allende

Disinformation agent.


Described as a highly intelligent but nonetheless mentally ill itinerant.

Claimed to be a witness to the so-called Philadelphia Experiment.

Correspondent of Morris Jessup, writing to him about the horrible experiment, and suggesting that UFOs were using the same forces. Eventually, Jessup dismissed him as a crank.

But in 1957, he was told (by two Navy officers) that Allende had extensively annotated Jessup’s book The Case for UFOs with weird commentary about time travel, electromagnetic forces and moving ships around. The Office of Naval Research even took the trouble to re-print this annotated version, which is known as the infamous Varo Edition.

A PDF of the Varo Edition is available in the Obscurantist Library.

After this revelation, Jessup feared that there was something to what Allende had told him. Jessup also said he was plagued by what he called strange coincidences.”Two years later, Jessup would be found asphixiated in his car, an apparent suicide.

“Carlos Allende” was also a correspondent of Jacques Vallee. (Revelations, 198-208)

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