jack parsons profile

aka: Jack Parsons
born: Marvel Whiteside Parsons
(b: Oct. 2, 1914 – d: 1952 )

Founder of Jet Propulsion Lab.
Founder of AreoJet.
Inventor of contemporary solid rockets.

High priest of the Pasadena Agape Lodge of the Ordo Templi Orientis.

Author of Freedom Is a Two Edged Sword [ISBN 1561841161]


Performed magick rituals with Lafayette Ronald Hubbard.

Parsons’ next door neighbor was Lilly Anheuser Busch, widow of brewer Adolphus Busch, and the house where Parsons performed ritual magick on Orange Grove Road backed up against the Busch Sunken Gardens, site of public Easter egg hunts for children.

John Parsons — a rocket scientist and explosives expert — is alleged to have accidentally (?) blown himself up in his garage by dropping a coffee can full of fulminate of mercury. Or he committed a very sloppy suicide. Or he was assassinated by associates of the car bomber LAPD cop who he helped put in jail. Or, other more sinister forces were at play.
(Carter, 84)