The original 7 World Trade Center was a 47 story skyscraper across the street from the Twin Towers. It is the focus of the “controlled demolition” conspiracy theory, better known as the “invisible elfin demolition team” theory.

im in ur wtc, wiring controlled demolitishuns

WTC 7 was heavily damaged by tons of falling debris from WTC 1 — emergency workers reported a twenty-story gash in the side facing the towers. The building burned for more than four hours before firefighters announced that the structure was beginning to buckle and they pulled back all their crews. It continued to burn completely out of control for another two hours before collapsing.

south side of WTC 7 engulfed in flames

it’s just a flesh wound!

Explosive sounds immediately before and during the collapse could have been due to half a city block of concrete and steel slamming in on itself. Or it could have been explosions of the many large electrical transformers throughout the building (example). Or it could have been related to the the 40,000 gallons gallons of diesel fuel in the basement used to power huge generators in a multi-story electrical substation over which the entire building was cantilevered.

Or it could have been due to a carefully rigged controlled demolition which had been set up months in advance by special teams of elfin bomber-commandos.

Level 47 Elfin Bomber-Commando

According to the invisible elfin demolition team theory, these magical creatures tore out the interior walls of three massive skyscrapers, wrapped the structural beams with powerful cutting charges, replaced all the walls and furniture exactly as they were, and erased the memories of the thousands of people who would have witnessed their walls and furniture moving around without apparent cause. (They were probably aided by rings imbued with unspeakable powers, and cloaks woven by spiders of pure darkness.)

Dark Elf WTC Demolition Team

Dark Elves used ninja levitation to plant thousands of bombs in the twin towers

Then, on September 11, most if not all of the emergency workers on the scene were part of this sprawling conspiracy — perhaps under the sway of a dark elfin charm. Rather than trying to save survivors, these first responders were in fact the willing assassins of thousands of innocent people. And after the towers fell, while standing in the charred remains of their friends and co-workers, they pretended to try to put out fires in WTC 7, but in fact they were all just biding their time, waiting for just the right moment to push the big red explosion button which would cover their tracks with the pixie dust of elfin thermite.

(To be fair, the bombs were probably manufactured by gnomes)


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