College of Universal Wisdom

Founded at Giant Rock by George Van Tassel. References Calling Occupants (The Giant Rock Conventions) – Gregory Bishop and Kenn Thomas, Fortean Times 118 (January 1999) Amazon listing: Proceedings [of the College of Universal Wisdom] – October,1956


Orfeo M Angelucci

Long John Nebel’s favorite UFO contactee: “As far as I’m concerned, although I don’t buy any of these bits, this man’s was, and is, the most imaginative, the most beautiful, and the most fascinating of them all.” (Way Out World, p37). Angelucci’s first experience with a UFO was August of 1946 in New Jersey. He […]


Frank Critzer

Frank Critzer in his room beneath Giant Rock George Van Tassel gave Critzer money and supplies when he came to his father’s Santa Monica auto repair shop. Critzer promised Van Tassel a percentage of his find. A year later Van Tassel received a letter from Critzer with crude directions: “take one of five straight roads […]



The tool which linked George Van Tassel and his Council of Twelve to alien intelligences such as Ashtar, Zoltan, and Desca. (Curran, In Advance of the Landing, 79-81. Cited in Peebles, 125)