Orfeo Angelucci

Long John Nebel’s favorite UFO contactee:

“As far as I’m concerned, although I don’t buy any of these bits, this man’s was, and is, the most imaginative, the most beautiful, and the most fascinating of them all.” (Way Out World, p37).

Angelucci’s first experience with a UFO was August of 1946 in New Jersey. He had sent up some mold cultures with a weather balloon to test the effect of high altitudes upon them. He lost the cultures and was starting to get upset about the loss of months of mold-growing when he saw some sort of craft in the sky which he was unable to identify.

Angelucci subsequently moved to the West coast, and was living and working in Burbank when he was first contacted. Driving home from his evening shift at the Lockheed plant on May 23, 1952 at about 12:30AM,. he saw an oval red glow ahead of him which appeared to be getting brighter but not getting closer. Angelucci followed it to a side road with the glow about thirty feet ahead of him when he stopped his car. The red egg suddenly shot away into the air, and two bright green balls of light each about three feet in diameter shot out of it towards Angelucci, stopping a few feet away from him.

A masculine voice came from the lights telling him not to be afraid and to get out of his car. The voice reminded him of the mold-bearing balloon and the unknown craft in the sky, telling Angelucci that he had been watched over since then. He then noticed a crystal cup”on his car’s fender which contained a bubbling golden liquid which he was commanded to drink, after which Angelucci felt great. The green lights then combined into a screen in which an attractive man and woman spoke to him telepathically. They told him the disks could be considered synthetic brains”and that they were being directed by a mother ship”far above the Earth. The screen eventually turned back into pulsing green orbs which shot back up into the sky, leaving Angelucci very confused. He went home and stayed in bed for two days.

His second contact was on July 23 when he saw a translucent igloo-shaped craft about 30 feet high in the dry Los Angeles riverbed. Angelucci was invited inside the windowless dome and after sitting down could tell by a change in pressure that he was being taken into the air. A circular window eventually opened up before him to reveal the Earth from space. Gazing at the planet suspended in stars, his eyes filled with tears and a voice said Weep, Orfeo. Let tears unblind your eyes For this moment we weep with you for Earth and her Children.”The cigar-shaped mother ship then drifted into view, which appeared to be about ninety feet in diameter and a thousand feet long. The voice was eventually revealed to be named Neptune.”During later incidents, Angelucci was called Neptune”and told that on other planets you can be other people and they can be you.

On August 2, Neptune told Angelucci that The Great Accident”threatened to destroy the Earth in 1986.

Angelucci attended the annual Interplanetary Spacecraft Conventions”put on by George Van Tassel and was author of The Secret of the Saucers (1955).

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