cattle mutilation

In an “authentic” mutilation, the animal’s sexual organs are removed and the anus is cored out with laser-like precision. Often, an eye, tongue or patch of skin is removed. Blood, footprints and tire tracks are noticeably absent. References wiki: Cattle_mutilation


Maury Island Incident

One of the first and most totemic episodes of the modern UFO era. On or around June 21, 1947, something may or may not have happened involving a malfunctioning UFO, a dead dog, nuclear waste, Men in Black and a brutal cover-up… To some in the UFO community, the Maury Island Incident is still highly […]


Thomas Alva Edison

life size wax figure of Edison in private room in the top of Eiffel Tower – [flickr: mezzoblue] Inventor, Film Pirate, Sacrificial Priest from Edison’s notebooks, circa mid-1870s: A yellow oasis in hell= premeditated stupidity= A phrenological idol. The somber dream of the grey-eyed Corsican A Brain so small that an animalcule went to view […]


Battle of Los Angeles

During the night and morning of February 24-25 1942, things were seen flying over southern California and a citywide blackout was declaired from the Mexican border to the San Joaquin Valley. A yellow alert lasted from about 7:18 pm and was called off at 10:23 pm. A blackout was called at 2:25am until 7:21am. Some […]


Nikola Tesla

Born at midnight on July 9, 1856, in the village of Smiljan, in the province of Lika, Croatia which was then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Died on January 7, 1943 in New York City. Thomas Edison sacrificed an elephant in Tesla’s honor.


Harold Dahl’s dog

<img src=’https://obscurantist.com/wp-content/uploads/puppy.jpg’ alt=’harold dahl’s dog (played by actor)’ /> Harold Dahl’s dog (as played by actor) Harold Dahl’s dog is among of the few deaths directly attributed to a UFO encounter. Dahl’s dog was the alleged victim of a malfunctioning UFO which also wounded Dahl’s son. If the Maury Island Incident was a hoax (as […]



Unexplained phenomena circa 1966-1967 in West Virginia and Ohio The Mothman Prophecies (1976) by John Keel movie (2002) starring Richard Gere Involves the , a national security complex dating from WWII Deaths include an innocent German Shepard (Bandit) and, according to some, the 46 deaths in the collapse of the Silver Bridge on Dec 5 […]