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Harold Dahl’s dog (as played by actor)

Harold Dahl’s dog is among of the few deaths directly attributed to a UFO encounter.

Dahl’s dog was the alleged victim of a malfunctioning UFO which also wounded Dahl’s son. If the Maury Island Incident was a hoax (as is widely thought) then Dahl’s dog was an allegorical martyr to the cause of illusion and disinformation. This is still the case if everything Dahl said happed exactly as he first described it, namely a canine-killing UFO squirting slag from the heavens. But the symbolic significance of the dog might be especially especially great if the dog never existed at all.

Coincidentally (?) two Air Force officers were killed while returning from an investigation of Harold Dahl’s UFO claims of a malfunctioning UFO. While the officers were flying home, their plane malfunctioned. The pilot escaped, but the officers with their box of “ufo slag” crashed with the plane.