aka: St. Paul, Saul

Saul changed his name to Paul

On a dark desert highway, cool wind in his hair, the warm smell of colitas rising up through the air, Saul, persecutor of Christians, was making his way towards Damascus.

But up ahead in the distance he saw a shimmering light. Saul’s head grew heavy, and his sight grew dim. He had to stop for the night.

A voice in the light kept calling to Saul from far away (his traveling companions couldn’t hear it). The voice said it was Jesus Christ. Saul was taken to the city he was going to persecute, and he stayed there, blind for three days.

When he recovered, Saul changed his name to Paul and became the leader of the very same religious cult which he originally sought to crush. That cult has since prospered. Big time.

And still those voices are callin’ from faaar away…