Working for the Rand Corporation, James Lipp wrote one of two scientific overviews for the final report on Project Sign (later called Project Grudge and Project Blue Book), which was completed in February 1949 and classified Secret. “This may have been the first U.S. government sponsored study of non-human life in the universe,” writes skeptic Curtis Peebles” (p39).

In this report, Lipp noted that by the spring of there had been a total of five atomic bomb explosions — a potential source of extraterrestrial interest. (It must also be noted that five is also a special number of the Illuminati as per and , and is considered the number representing humanity in some occult systems).

Lipp also wrote that “visits from outer space are believed to be possible”. However he did not consider the events as described to be evidence of such visits because they made no logical sense. Their behavior implied an agency which was acting deliberately weird and mysterious, which Lipp felt was an unlikely way for a superior non-human intelligence to act. (Peebles, 37-39)

Others (Wilson, Jacques Vallee,et al) pointedly disagree, suggesting that “inexplicably weird” is the only possible way human beings could perceive a truly alien intelligence.

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