Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr.

(February 4, 1902 — August 26, 1974)

aka: Lucky Lindy, The Lone Eagle

Pioneering aviator. Nazi sympathizer.

Strongly opposed to America entering World War II.

FDR banned him from joining the military. (in 1954. Dwight D. Eisenhower restored Lindbergh’s assignment with the Army Air Corps and made him a Brigadier General).

In 1929, Lindbergh became interested in the work of U.S. rocket pioneer Robert Goddard. The following year, Lindbergh helped Goddard secure his first endowment from Daniel Guggenheim, which allowed Goddard to expand his independent research and development. Lindbergh remained a key supporter and advocate of Goddard’s work throughout his life.

In 1938, Lindbergh and French surgeon Dr. Alexis Carrel collaborated on a book, The Culture of Organs, which summarized their work on organs outside the body. Lindbergh and Carrel discussed an artificial heart decades before one was actually built.