Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche, Jr

(b: Sep 8, 1922 – )

Ultraconservative, homophobic, anti-semitic, neo-fascist, loon.

Convicted felon (mail fraud, tax-evasion, conspiracy)

Former member of the Communist Party. For several decades, he has run for President as a self-proclaimed Democrat, including his 1996 run from prison. (He did not win)

He has espoused an array of unique ideas though the years.

From his 1989 pamphlet Is Satan in Your Schoolyard?

Put the pieces together. First, the creative capacities of the nation’s youth — truly their most precious possession — are destroyed by drugs. Next, the sexual identities of millions of Americans are thrown topsy turvy by a culture that extols the virtues of homosexuality. And finally, Satanism, the worship of Evil, emerges as a new religion.

At times, LaRouche has loudly adopted certain mainstream points — opposition to the Bush administration, war and WalMart. But by doing so, he slathers these positions with the oily froth of his polysemic insanity. How odd…

LaRouche is often described as a cult leader. Coincidentally, in a 1973 speach, he explained how someone could be manipulated into becoming a willing propaganda zombie:

How do you brainwash somebody? Well, first of all, you generally pull a psychological profile or develop one in a preliminary period. You find every vulnerability of that person from a psychoanalytic standpoint. Now the next thing you do is you build them up for fear in males and females of homosexuality, aim them for an anal identification with anal sex, their mouth is identified with fellatio. Their mouth is identified only with the penis — that kind of sex, and with woman. Womanhood is the fellatio of the male mouth in a man who has been brainwashed by the KGB; that is sucking penises. . .

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Simpsons episode 4F17 (20 Apr 1997) The Old Man and the Lisa

As an incentive for his workers at the Springfield Retirement Castle, Mr. Burns promises to take the seniors to the most duck-filled pond they ever saw. Grandpa Simpson replies: Oh, hot-diggity! That’s how they got me to vote for Lyndon LaRouche!”