aka: Fred Lee Crisman, Jon Gold

(b.July 22, 1919 – d.December 10, 1975)


From Wikipedia: Fred-Crisman

Fred Crisman was an writer, educator, minor political provacateur, broadcaster and self-described “disruption agent” from Tacoma, Washington. He is a bizarre and enigmatic figure, whose name pops up in unusual circumstances, paranormal events, and conspiracies in the middle decades of the 20th century.

Shaver Mystery

In the mid-1940s, his name appears in the pages of pulp magazines, reporting on his own Deros,”or detrimental robots.”He claimed to have encountered the beings while fighting as a commando in Burma during World War II, and wrote that he sustained injuries from a futuristic laser weapon.

Maury Island Incident

His name next pops up as a key player in the strange Maury Island Incident, an early UFO encounter. Crisman claimed to have seen the objects in question, and to have collected debris. Many UFO researchers have dismissed the incident as an outright hoax, likely perpetrated by Crisman, but others still believe the incident to be a genuine paranormal event.

Murder of a City, Tacoma

He next turns up in Tacoma in the late 1960s, railing against the city’s city manager form of government. He hosted a conspiracy-themed radio talk show under the pseudonym “Jon Gold,” and wrote a self-published book, The Murder of a City, Tacoma. He was also appointed by the mayor to serve on the Tacoma Public Library board.

John F. Kennedy Assassination

During this time period, he was subpoenaed by Jim Garrison to testify in the case against Clay Shaw in the John F. Kennedy assassination. When Shaw was arrested, apparently Crisman was the first person he called. Various conspiracy theories place Crisman on the grassy knoll, possibly as a radio operator, or as one of the three tramps taken in to custody near Dealey Plaza. His testimony has not been made public, but in Murder of a City, Tacoma, Crisman claimed no knowledge of a conspiracy, and he was not called as a witness in the actual trial. Documents related that indicate a Crisman link to the assassination may have been fabricated by Crisman himself, as they are written in an idiosyncratic style reminiscent of Crisman’s own.

Inslaw and The Octopus

Crisman died in 1975, but his name continues to resonate in the shady world of conspiracy theories. bugs)during the years he was writing Murder.