(d: April 24th 1965)

Adamski and Venusian Painting

One of the first American UFO contactees,”very influential upon all subsequent contactees and UFO contact literature. He claimed he saw his first saucer on October 9, 1946 — a black object like a giant dirigible. Thia was the year Maury Island Incident — Adamski he said he saw a long procession of saucers (either 184 or 204 of them) pass above Mount Palomar near San Diego.

As an interesting side note: the Robertson Panel took particular interest in an event at Mount Palomar in October 1949 when cosmic ray detectors went off scale for a few seconds,” in association with a V-shaped formation of UFOs (Peebles, 103)

At around noon on Thursday November 20, 1952, Adamski was out in the Long John Nebel describes Adamski’s next encounter:

On February 18, 1953, Adamski was picked up at his

Dan Fry rode in. And like that fortunate gentleman, Adamski found himself suddenly airborne.(Nebel, 46)

Adamski presented photographs which he said were aliens waving out the portholes of their spaceships, but which were more likely photos of hubcaps and hats.

Adamski was author of Flying Saucers Have Landed (1953), and with Desmond Leslie, author of Inside the Space Ships (1955).

Adamski was an associate of American Nazi party leader, william dudley pelley. Pelley may have been the one who introduced Adamski to George Hunt Williamson.

Pope John XXIII, who was dying of cancer at the time, allegedly permitted a private audience with him on 31st May, 1963. His mission was to deliver an important package, which he received from the space people in Copenhagen. This claim of course has been denounced by the Vatican, but circumstantial evidence suggests that such a meeting did take place. He traveled to the Vatican with two of his coworkers, May Morlet and Louise (Lou) Zinsstag. Both witnesses say that he entered the Vatican by a side entrance (explaining why there would be no records of his visit) and stayed for an hour. When he entered the room, Adamski claims the Pope smiled and said ‘I have been expecting you’ and when George handed him the package, the Pope replied ‘That is what I have been waiting for’. The Pope’s last words before Adamski left were, ‘My son, don’t worry, we will make it’.