Albert Nozaki

(January 1, 1912 – November 16, 2003) An art director who worked on various films for Paramount Pictures. He is perhaps best known for his design of the alien ships from the 1953 film The War of the Worlds. Born in Japan, he immigrated to America with his parents when he was 3. He became […]


William Dudley Pelley

Prominent American fascist leader. Hollywood screenwriter in 1917-29. Wrote films such as The Light in the Dark and The Shock (both starring Lon Chaney). Christian Party candidate for President of the United States in 1936. He ran on the slogan For Christ and the Constitution”and his platform involved a segregated Jewish state in America. During […]



A 1974 science fiction film directed by John Boorman and starring Sean Connery in one of his first post-James Bond roles. Filmed on a small budget of US$1 million, Zardoz mixture of cerebral, philosophical sci-fi was in complete contrast to Boorman’s previous film, the brutal thriller Deliverance. In a future post-apocalypse Earth (2293) the human […]


Plan 9 from Outer Space

aka: Graverobbers From Outer Space, Revenge of the Dead Joanna Lee as Tanna and Dudley Manlove as Eros Repeatedly voted by critics as the worst movie ever made and usually digested with choruses of derisive laughter, the magnum opus of director Ed Wood contains far too much truth for most people to comfortably face. Plan […]



aka: Alan-1, Alyn Long John Nebel said that Alan was a favorite name of unearthly visitors (Way Out World, 34). For example, Daniel Fry, met a flying saucer pilot named A-Lan near White Sands in 1950. In the Tron, the programmer who wrote the Tron program is named Alan (Tron refers to his user as […]



The name of Sean Connery’s bikini-and bandoleer cladc haracter in the movie Zardoz. Zed plays a role in the film somewhat similar to that of Case in the novel Neuromancer — he is used as a tool in a byzantine suicide by some form of technologically enhanced Higher Being. Also: The owner of the motorcycle […]

The DaVinci Code

Pulp thriller by Dan Brown which has elevated several conspiracy theories to the status of massive pop culure memes, including the Priory of Sion. References http://danbrown.com/secrets/bizarre-facts/davinci-code.html corporate movie site (flash)– http://flash.sonypictures.com/movies/davincicodequest/us/index.html