Kenneth Arnold

Often considered the first modern UFO witness. While flying near Mount Rainier in Washington state on June 24 1947, Kenneth Arnold saw nine extremely fast moving disks skipping across the sky. An AP wire reporter described them as flying saucers” — a name which stuck. Due to the publicity surrounding his report, and because he […]


Unidentified Flying Object

aka: UFOBJ The term UFO was popularized by Edward J Ruppelt in the early 50’s to avoid the goofy hoaxing associations of the term flying saucer. References Project for the Exposure of Hidden Institutions: UFO Documents



A science fiction term coined by Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1870 as a powerful form of energy weilded by a subterranean race. Eventually, it got tangled up with the Nazis.


Otto Billig

Professor Otto Billig (1910-1989) Psychiatrist, author, and teacher. His research interests included schizophrenia, art and psychosis, and cross-culture psychiatry. Author of Flying Saucers: Magic in the Skies: a psychohistory (1982). He specialized in the art of schizophrenics and curated exhibits of their art. Received his M.D. from Federal Realschule (Vienna) in 1937. References Vanderbilt University […]