from Scientology

According to the Scientology Technical Dictionary — a Suppressive Person (SP) is:

1. A person who rewards only down statistics and never rewards an up statistic. He goofs up or vilifies any effort to help anybody and particularly knifes with violence anything calculated to make human beings more powerful or intelligent. A suppressive automatically and immediately will curve any betterment activity into something evil or bad.

2. The person is in a mad, howling situation of some yesteryear and is ‘handling it’ by committing Overt Acts today.

3. An SP is a no-confront Case because, not being in his own Valence he has no viewpoint from which to erase anything. That is all an SP is.

4. Those who are destructively antisocial.

5. A person with certain behavior characteristics and who suppresses other people in his vicinity and those other people when he suppresses them become PTS or Potential Trouble Source.

And you do not want to be considered a PTS.

Unfortunately, distributing texts like this about Scientology is a suppressive act. And because you just read this text, you are now Potential Trouble Source…

Sorry about that.


wikipedia: suppressive person