Issued by the Robertson Panel in 1953, this report set policy. Super important policy. Hella important, man.

Project Blue Book for the next sixteen years. The report concluded that there was no logical explanation for some UFO. But the report also said that flying saucers did not constitute a threat to national security, so somebody else should worry about the unknowns. The Robertson panelists suggested that if UFOs did constitute a new phenomena the burden of proof is on the sighter and not the explainer (Peebles, 104).

The report also openly suggested the use of mass psychology experts, training films, and Walt Disney cartoons in an effort to publicly debunk UFO phenomena (Peebles, 106).

The report was classified Secret, and was partially declassified in 1958. Dr. James McDonald read a full copy of it on June 6, 1966, but the CIA quickly re-classified it. (It is by now — presumably — fully declassified.)