Part of a disinformation group set up during World War II, code-named the “Martians”.

The LCS was set up in Churchill’s personal headquarters and was skilled in “Special Means” weaponry. The chief of the LCS was Colonel John Bevan, who had the title “Controller of Deception.” Other members included Wing Commander Dennis Wheatley of the RAF, an expert on crime, black magic, and Satanism, and several rich industrialists.

Alan Turing was part of the group, and constructed several working Turing Engines, including a code-breaking machine called Ultra.

Much of these disinformation activities remained classified decades after the war, and some information science experts did not even know that Turing had actually constructed and used the devices he had described in his theoretical papers. (cited in Messengers, 196-198)

The activities of the Martians and the LCS are described in the book A Bodyguard of Lies by Anthony Brown (1976)