Templars party Baphomet style

Baphomet was the name of the speaking head which the Knights Templar allegedly worshiped.

Some have suggested that this head — described as similar to a computer — was the secret which the Templars found, the thing which made them the most powerful economic force in Medieval Europe, and that this was the secret they died to protect. Most researchers say the existence of a physical head per se is unlikely, and it was probably a highly symbolic reference. But who are you gunna believe? Some “researcher” and their “history”?

Along those lines, funny story — during the French revolution, when Louis XVI was guillotined, a Freemason in the crowd allegedly ran up, grabbed the head and yelled: “Jacques de Molay, thou art avenged!” Maybe that happened. Or maybe people just got suuuper high in the 70s.

So Baphomet? Yeah. Watch out for that guy.

Also: Aleister Crowley used Baphomet as one of his many titles.