Thane Eugene Cesar


Armed security guard standing directly behind Robert Kennedy when he was shot in the back of the head.

Cesar — a supporter of the racist candidate George Wallace, and outspoken in his hatred of the Kennedy’s — was hired as a part-time security guard just a few months before getting called up at the last minute to personally escort Kennedy. Given the likely outcome of the elections, this 26 year old plumber turned part-time security guard was suddenly the armed personal bodyguard of the next President of the United States.

Cesar was guiding Kennedy by the arm when he was killed. He admitted drawing his gun at the time of the killing. And lied about getting rid of the gun before the killing. Years later he re-itterated his hatred of the Kennedy’s. And admitted it did kinda look bad, evidence-wise. But its probably all just a big misunderstanding.

The LAPD tried to clear everything up by removing the bullet riddled wall panelling and burning it all to “save space.” They helpfully followed up with the destruction of photographs, loss of test results, and bullying of witnesses. Years later, the LAUSD tried to help further clarify matters by utterly demolishing the hotel and any possible remaining evidence in the pantry. Which is probably all just part of a big old misunderstanding.

In 2006, Cesar’s .22 calliber gun (untested by the LAPD) that he claimed he sold both before and after the killing was finally found in a lake in Arkansas. In 2004, a previously unacknowledged audio recording of the assassination was found in an archive. Tests on the audio indicate that 10-13 shots were fired. Sirhans gun held 8. Cesar is thought to be living in the Philippines. Or somewhere like that. Maybe.