Founded in February 1954 in Los Angeles, California by Ernest L. Norman (1904–1971)[2] and his wife Ruth E. Norman (1900–1993).

UNARIUS is an acronym for UNivesal ARticulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science.

UNARIUS is a group founded around the Archangel Charles Spaegel — the body which holds the now-reformed spirit of Satan, who was healed by Unarian principles.

Members (Unariuns) consider themselves leaders of an Interplanetary Confederation, but distinguish themselves carefully from Scientology and its Marcab Confederacy: as Charles Spaegel describes it, “we’ve discovered that L. Ron Hubbard was part of an Orion conspiracy to keep people controlled by robotizing them” (Cult Rapture, 18).

Also in contrast to Scientology, the members insist that their beliefs are not a religion but a science, and the Unarius Society is financially organized as a not-for-profit corporation. (By contrast, Scientology is a set up as an array of tax-exempt religious corporations).

The Unarius Society is prolific; in addition to numerous videos, there are at least 125 books of official Unariun literature. including Cosmic Continuum, Interdimensional Physics, I, Bonaparte: An Autobiography, Conclave of Light Beings, Effort to Destroy the Unarius Mission Thwarted, and History of the Universe (three volumes).

Unarians expected the Space Brothers to touch down in the year 2001, but they’ll probably work something out. (Cult Rapture, 13-32)