The Yellow Book is reported to be a physical record of the communications from an extraterrestrial, who was recovered from a downed UFO and kept in custody by MJ-12, before he died several years later. This extraterrestrial was called EBE-1. A second extraterrestrial is reported to be currently in custody under MJ-12, and she is called EBE-2, but some call her Charlene. She is the actual”author of the Yellow Book.

The Yellow Book is reported to be a sort of holographic compact disk, which — like R2d2 — can project images of the information it contains. It is alleged to contain a record of Biblical events, including the crucifixion of Christ. One of the predictions in the Book is that there will be a rift in human society as a result of ET contact becoming publicly known in 1997. Another more specific prediction is that ETs would return in a formal landing on April 24, 1997 in the Southwestern United States, probably in the vicinity of White Sands, New Mexico.

If these events occurred, they were covered up with exceptional skill.

Yellow Book is, oddly enough, the name of the standard for conventional audio CDs. To date, no one has cracked the secret holograpahic properties of this standard.

Yellow Book was also the name of the 1955 map of the proposed interstate highway system