Adnan Khashoggi

Saudi Billionaire: owns a mansion and a yacht Connected to almost every major global conspiracy in the last 50 years BCCI + Beatles + Bin Laden + Bush + Contras + Iran + Iraq + Diana + Drug Dealers + JFK + 9/11 etc… Uncle of Dodi Fayed Lover of Paul McCartney’s wife Queen wrote […]


Lee Harvey Oswald

The Oswald backyard rifle photos are considered clumsy fakes, in part because the shadows on the face don’t match anything else in the picture. The head appears to be from a photograph taken at a different time of day, pasted onto a body that is actually shorter than Oswald. The FBI made this test photo […]


George H W Bush

CIA director Son of a Nazi-supporting Senator Father of an alcoholic coke-head Married to Aleister Crowley’s illegitimate daughter Shape-shifting reptoid (disputed)