West Virginia Ordnance Works

aka: WVOV, Point Pleasant Depot associated with the Mothman incidents from pointpleasantwv.org: During the years of operation of WVOW, Point Pleasant was a boom-town. Chemists, scientists, engineers, electricians, plumbers, masons, heavy construction crews, and laborers representing nearly every building trade were required for the rapid buildup. Workers from all over the country converged on this […]


Gray Barker

May 2, 1925–December 6, 1984 Theatrical booking agent and flying saucer scenester. Author of They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers (1957), one of the earliest exposés of the Men In Black. Barker is suspected of some MIB/UFO pranking/hoaxing, and was suspiciously on the scene during the Point Pleasant Mothman episodes in the 1960’s (70GCAT, […]