Mormon Battalion

The only religiously based unit in United States military history. Led from Santa Fe to California by Philip St. George Cooke, who oversaw the construction of Fort Moore. References wiki/Mormon_Battalion


Order of Melchizedek

Offices of the Latter-day Saint Melchizedek priesthood If an adult man joins the Church, he may be called and ordained to hold the lesser Aaronic Priesthood (if he is morally worthy) by those in the Church with authority to do so. After a period of time (usually one year) the man may be called and […]



Moroni was the name of a half-naked angel who made a triple appearance in Joseph Smith’s bedroom one night. Moroni’s visit eventually lead to the foundation of the Church of Latter-Day Saints), a group popularly known as the Mormons. Although it probably has nothing to do with the time Jesus Christ spent in upstate New […]


Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

aka: Latter-Day Saints, LDS, Mormons A religion founded by Joseph Smith based on the idea that Jesus came to America to minister to the lost tribe of Israel. Core beliefs include the revelation of truth through a set of golden plates (which were buried in upstate New York decoded by means of a magic rock), […]