Raymond Arthur Palmer

Editor of Amazing Stories from 1938 through 1949

Prolific science fiction editor and author

Palmer was hit by a truck at age seven and suffered a broken back. At nine, a failed spinal graft left him a hunchback who never grew past four feet. He immersed himself in science fiction, moving quickly from fandom, to fan zine publication, to editor at Ziff-Davis. He published a wide array of magazines over the decades.

He also turns up in many of the key UFO connected conspiracy events of the mid 20th century such as the Maury Island Incident

With Richard Shaver, Palmer was author/editor/creator of the Shaver Mystery.


In 1961 real life”name of the comic book character The Atom was changed from Al Pratt to Ray Palmer (in Raymond Plamer’s honor). The Atom was a physicist who used material from a white dwarf star to shrink himself down to sub-atomic size.


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