Air Force Base near Omaha, Nebraska.

Headquarters of the United States Strategic Command, the Air Force Weather Agency, and the 55th Wing. The 55th is a reconnaissance and electronic combat wing. Their motto is Videmus Omnia – “We See All”

The only two bombers to ever drop atomic bombs — Enola Gay and Bockscar — were built at Offutt.

Throughout the Cold War and to the present day, SAC at Offutt has served as the aerial command center for the United States. The below ground SAC command post at Offutt is known as the “molehole.”

Paul A. Bonacci claimed he had been taken to Offutt, sexually and satanically abused, and trained to become a sex slave of various officials in Congress and the White House. These claims were promoted by the Sun Myung Moon’s right-wing propaganda organ, The Washington Times. Bonacci made his claims in civil court, and was awarded default judgment following when the defendant Lawrence King failed to appear.

On September 11, 2001, George W. Bush conducted one of the first major strategy sessions for the response to the September 11, 2001 attacks from a bunker at the base. Coincidentally, Omaha-resident Warren Buffett was on the base meeting that morning in a charity event which was attended by several financial services executives whose offices were in the World Trade Center. Among the executives was Anne Tatlock of Fiduciary Trust Co. International, who likely would have died had it not been for the meeting. [18] There is no record if Buffett or any of the executives met or even saw Bush.