John McCain, Mavericky!

John Sydney McCain III

  • terrible pilot (three planes crashed, one shot down)
  • POW
  • Philandering playboy (“maverick”)
  • Senator
  • Cylon operative

John McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone on August 29, 1936. His mother, Roberta Wright McCain, was an oil heiress. His father Admiral John McCain II, became commander-in-chief of the Pacific forces during the Vietnam War. His grandfather was Admiral John S. McCain, Sr., the commander of aircraft carriers in the Pacific under Admiral William F. Halsey in World War II.

On his 23rd mission in Vietnam on Oct. 26, 1967, McCain was shot down by a surface-to-air missile. Although he doesn’t like to mention it, McCain was then held as a POW.

McCain’s political career was launched with the fortune of his second wife, the beer heiress and USC cheerleader Cindy Lou Hensley. The couple begin their marriage as an affair while McCain was still married to his grievously injured first wife.

“At least I don’t pile on the make-up like a trollop you cunt!”

– John McCain, demonstrating his maverick streak to Cindy Lou