(September 8, 1882 – May 12, 1961) 

Director of Borderland Sciences Research Foundation in Vista, California.

An early researcher of ufology and parapsychology, best known for proposing an early version of the interdimensional hypothesis to explain flying saucer sightings.

Prior to his public work studying ufos, Layne was professor at the University of Southern California, and English department head at Illinois Wesleyan University and Florida Southern College

Quoted by Charles Berlitz and Bill Moore in the book The Roswell Incident as saying he knew a Dr Weisberg, “a physics professor from a California University” who had examined six of the Roswell Incident alien corpses.

Layne Meade was also a correspondent of Gerald Light. In a letter to Layne dated April 16, 1954, Light claimed he was in a delegation which met with extraterrestrials at Edwards Air Force Base.

The coming of the guardians ; an interpretation of the flying saucers as given from the other side of life
Meade Layne. Borderland Sciences Research Association, 1978.