In early July of 1947, something fell out of the sky near Roswell, New Mexico. No one disputes this. From the most extravagant alien metaphysicians to the most skeptical quotidian debunkers, all agree. Something fell. Most of the disagreement has been over what the Thing was — weather balloon, atomic test detector, flimsy-ass spacecraft, Soviet disinformation puppet show, extraterrestrial treaty cover story, Disney agitprop, trans-dimensional rupture, et cetera.

But it turns out that the more important quality of the Thing that fell is that it is Fallen. It didn’t just drop out of the sky — it dropped out of the realm of knowability. It is an epistemological outcaste.

Roswell’s Fallen Thing joined a long mythopoetic linage, including the Fall of humanity itself. And the Fallen Angels, rascally outcastes of Heaven, got tangled up in the whole UFO situation. The Nephilim, the Watchers… it’s a mess.

Genesis 6:4
Numbers 13:33
Ezekiel 32:27
Daniel 4:17
Isaiah 14:12
Revelation 6:13

See also: Gnostic cosmology of our fallen universe, a cracked mistake ruled by a demiurge who uses the lie of the apparent world to hide the true universe from us. In this scheme, the god of the Bible is an evil illusionist and Lucifer as the snake offering us knowledge is the hero trying to save us. This sounds familiar, because The Matrix, along with every millenarian cyberpunk movie, straight up jacked that gnostic shit, translating the knowing of our fallen universe into a knowing of kung fu, which devolved into ever more nightmarish “red pill” involutions. Things have only gone downhill from there, with every revelation of falsehood shouted down as “fake news,” echoing in the eternal twilight void of where epistemology used to be.

So if you plan to tour the Roswell crash site, be sure to schedule in advance. There are several competing tours with different alleged sites, and all of them are lies.