James Casbolt

  • drug mule
  • conspiracy theorist
  • disinformation agent

Casbolt believes that alien-human reptoid hybrids are living in underground bases and drinking the blood of innocent children. He believes that British intelligence runs all the other governments of the world, along with the global drug trade. He believes the London train bombings in 2004 were fake and the bus bombing was performed by actors.

Casbolt backs up his beliefs with the claim that he smuggled cocaine as a British MI6 intelligence agent. He claims he is a highly practiced, government trained liar with no moral scruples about using propaganda and violence for personal gain. He uses this claim to suggest people should trust what he says.

One possibility is that Casbolt is a profiteering cynic who is merely reciting lines from a threadbare script about alien-human hybrids (see: the X-Files movie) to pump up his reputation among the desperate and confused in order to make a quick buck. Another possibility is that Casbolt is mentally ill. (Of course this does not actually conflict with his own account, since he proudly describes himself as an amoral sociopath.)

But there is a possibility that Casbolt is in fact working with national intelligence agencies… as a disinformation agent and patsy. In this scenario, his community of conspiracy researchers are not truth seekers — they are actually lab rats in an experiment to test the spread of disinformation.

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