ghw zombie

In 1992, it was revealed that Bush had been taking benzodiazepine in the form of the sedative drug Halcion (Triazolam). The effects of the drug can include fuzzy, clouded thoughts and incomprehension of the passage of time, and violent and unpredictable mood swings. Triazolam was briefly removed from the American market due to concerns over serious psychological side effects. It has been banned in the UK since 1991.

Benzodiazepines are extremely addictive, and withdrawal is extremely uncomfortable. Some effects from withdrawal include: drowsiness, nightmares, hallucinations, panic, muscular spasms, seizures, and nausea.

At a state dinner in Tokyo on June 8, 1992, Bush vomited in the lap of the Japanese Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa, and then collapsed on him. This was memorialized by the Japanese word Bushuru which means to vomit publicly.

Bush lost the 1980 Republican nomination to Ronald Reagan, who made Bush his Vice-President. In an odd coincidence, Scott Hinckley — brother of Reagan’s attempted assassin John W. Hinckley Jr. — was scheduled to have dinner the night after the assassination attempt at the Denver home of Neil Bush, one of the vice-president’s sons.

The Bush family has long-standing ties to the Bin Laden family. In an odd coincidence, the day before the 9/11 attacks, George H.W. Bush and several members of his cabinet were at a Carlyle Group business conference with Shafig bin Laden — half-brother of Osama bin Laden — at the Ritz-Carlton hotel, located a few miles from the Pentagon.

Unique among Americans, Bush cannot remember exactly where he was on November 22, 1963 when Kennedy was shot. A confidential memo (declassified in 1993) suggests that he was in Tyler, Texas — about two hours from Dallas — and would be proceeding to the Sheraton in Dallas that day. There is also evidence that he was already checked-in at the Dallas Sheraton.

In an odd coincidence, there is a photograph of a man who strongly resembles George H W Bush on the steps of the Texas Book Depository just after the assassination. While the police in the photo seem to be focusing on pursuit of a fleeing gunman, this man is focusing his attention towards the underpass and train tracks.

GHWB book depository

At a speech for the funeral service of Gerald Ford in January 2007, Bush Sr. considered it a relevant occasion to publicly denounce JFK conspiracy theorists and affirm the magical conclusions of the Warren Commission report.