May 2, 1925–December 6, 1984


Theatrical booking agent and flying saucer scenester. Author of They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers (1957), one of the earliest exposés of the Men In Black.

Barker is suspected of some MIB/UFO pranking/hoaxing, and was suspiciously on the scene during the Point Pleasant Mothman episodes in the 1960’s
(70GCAT, 146-153)

Gray Barker’s poem, UFO Is A Bucket Of Shit:

UFO is a bucket of shit
Its followers: perverts, monomaniacs, dipsomaniacs
Artists of the fast buck
True believers, objective believers, new age believers
Keyhoe believers

Shushed by the three men
Or masturbated by space men

UFO is a bucket of shit

The A.F. investigated UFOs
And issued a report
Couched in polite language
Which translated, means:

“UFO is a bucket of shit”

Meade Layne is a bucket of shit
Lex Mebane is a bucket of shit
James W. Moseley is a bucket of shit
Richard Ogden is a bucket of shit
Ray Palmer is a bucket of shit

And I sit here writing
While the shit drips down my face
In great rivulets