A group founded by Rael (aka: Claude Vorilhon) in 1973 in France.

Rael and logo

The symbol of the Raelian organization was a swastika inside a star of David. Now it’s a swirly snowflake inside a Star of David (see Valencia)

Clonaid — a company founded by the Raelians in 1997 — claimed that a cloned baby girl named Eve had been born to an American mother, and four more clone babies were on the way. They refused to submit the child to testing, and after a month of worldwide publicity, they announced that Eve would be forever hidden from public view.

Raelians and their extraterrestrial funk

The goals of the Raelians are a fairly typical New Age stew of respect, happiness, love, play, heartlight, skeevy sex, etc etc. However in their proposed revision of the Universal Declairation of Human Rights, they have a somewhat disturbing section regarding an all-powerful centralized world government:

Article 18A World Government must be in place quickly and democratically. This government will focus mainly on Humanitarianism so that the wellbeing of all humans will become its main concern as opposed to greed and power (as is currently the case).

a) This government will see to it that Human Rights are implemented and respected in all regions of the Earth. It will impose sanctions on regions that do not respect these Rights and will severely punish the ones responsible for whatever actions constitute a violation.

b) This government will set up a World army to maintain Peace everywhere. This will guarantee a true, lasting Peace on the entire planet. Furthermore, a worldwide unconditional disarmament policy must be immediately in place.

c) This government will engage in a fair distribution to all humans of all the planet’s resources and this, without any racial, cultural, or religious discrimination.

d) This government will set up a world currency as a temporary measure designed to favour and trigger the eventual and permanent removal of the need of money and all the economic depravities based on it.

e) In order to guarantee communication between everyone on the planet, this government will also supervise and implement the teaching of a world language.