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A hypothetical machine described by Dr. in his July 1945 article in the Atlantic Monthly, As We May Think. The memex would be able to link any piece of data to any other at will, thereby building trails of information in conformity with the of the User. Bush’s description of in the memex is considered […]

associative indexing

The form of information organization most famously described by Vannevar Bush in his July 1945 essay “As We May Think,” as the storage method of his hypothetical device, the This description is often considered the first description of hypertext. Bush described associative indexing as the way the mind naturally works, making it a more efficient […]

Majestic 12

aka MJ-12, MAJI, MAJIC, Majority, Majesty Majestic 12 is the name of a super-secret UFO research group first headed by Vannevar Bush. The members of the performance troupe were: Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter Dr. Vannevar Bush James Forrestal (replaced after his death by Gen. Walter Bedell Smith) Nathan Twining Gen. Hoyt Vandenberg Dr. Detlev Bronk Dr. […]